Budweiser Does It Again With Another Adorable Super Bowl Commercial

Here's a recipe for Super Bowl advertisement success: adorable puppies, gorgeous horses, and a heartwarming story. Budweiser seems to have got that down pat. The company just released a sneak-peak of its Super Bowl commercial today, which features a sweet yellow lab puppy (the same one who was BFFs with the Clydesdale horse last year), who is accidentally let loose.

The adorable pooch's owner spends the entire commercial searching for his lost pal by putting up flyers all over the neighborhood, while the poor puppy is cowering, lost, in the rain, and then he is seen in an intense confrontation with a wolf. But don't worry too much — the trusty old Budweiser Clydesdale horses bring their now-muddy furry friend home, and his owner is rewarded with sweet puppy kisses.

We have no idea what this commercial has to do with Budweiser, but likely it'll be a hit with Super Bowl advertisement fans, as well as avid Puppy Bowl watchers.