Bud Light Wows With Life-Sized Pac-Man Game in Super Bowl Ad

Bud Light leaked its super-cool Super Bowl ad in which a random guy is placed inside a life-sized Pac-Man game

We have to admit, we are pretty jealous of this guy right now.

What could be cooler than running around in a maze being chased by ghosts in your very own life-sized version of Pac-Man? Nothing, that’s what. Bud Light decided to go with its “Up for Anything” campaign and cash in on some serious 80s nostalgia for this year’s Super Bowl ad. The commercial features a guy who gets the surprise of his life when Bud Light places him in the middle of a real Pac-Man maze. He’s confronted by blinking white dots, cherries, and of course, Pinky, Inky, Blinky, and Clyde are hot on his trail.

It’s something that we all dream about, and this guy got to experience it. In the commercial, which you can watch below, a guy walks into a bar and the bartender says, “If I give you a Bud Light, are you up for whatever happens next?" Soon enough, the guy is whisked away to a giant Pac Man arena, where a mob of Bud Light partiers and DJs playing the Pac-Man theme song cheer him on. Sounds like the kind of eight-bit party we’d like to crash.