This Breathtaking Gingerbread House Was Created In The Style Of A Famous Architect

There are your typical gingerbread houses, made with icing and gumdrops and a few fancy licorice strands, and then there are gingerbread masterpieces. Modernist Cuisine has made a painstakingly detailed gingerbread tribute to famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. The completely edible gingerbread house is designed to look like Gaudí's famous Casa Batlló, a modernist rainbow-colored mansion in Barcelona, Spain.

Nathan Myhrvold and his team of pastry chefs recreated the structure down to the stained glass window panes, which he made from melted-down Jolly Ranchers. A blog post on Modernist Cuisine's website shows just how much work went into constructing the edible edifice:

"Everything about the structure is edible, from the luster on each chimney and spire to the blanket of snow dusting the roof and ground. After creating a blueprint, we used a laser cutter to replicate the organic, serpentine curves of Casa Batlló in gingerbread and to etch the delicate, bonelike details of the balconies in fondant."

There were other small details that make this creation great, like tiles made from the melted Jolly Ranchers, perfectly scaled shingles made of icing, rice paper snowflakes , and edible gold luster dust topping the whole structure. Check out more amazing gingerbread houses that people actually built.