Ben & Jerry’s Founders Ponder Bringing Back Graveyard Flavors on Halloween


Oh Wavy Gravy, how we’ve missed you so.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, aka Ben & Jerry (Yes, that Ben & Jerry), just did a Reddit AMA, during which they answered pertinent questions about retired flavors, day-to-day operations, and upcoming new core ice cream flavors. But the important revelation from the AMA came from Reddit user Kemuel, who suggested that Ben & Jerry’s “resurrect” flavors from the Ben & Jerry’s flavor graveyard (retired flavors) on Halloween. The founders of one of the most famous ice cream companies in the world loved the idea. Could a Halloween full of delicious “zombie” ice cream flavors be in our future?

“OOOH! I think that's a great idea. No, I had never thought about having flavors from the graveyard come back for Halloween, but I think the guys here... might work to resurrect them!” said Ben Cohen.

Jerry Greenfield added that they might call the initiative, “re-incone-nation.” Terrible food puns aside, we think this would be a great idea, especially if they could resurrect some of our favorites like Wavy Gravy, Tennessee Mud, or Aloha Macadamia.


Other epiphanies included in the AMA were hints that new Core flavors would be announced later this year. In addition, contrary to popular belief, neither Ben nor Jerry hold managerial or board positions at the company. They both work as the “face” of Ben & Jerry’s, much like the Queen of England does for her country.