Beer Pong Table Gets An LED Flashing Update

You thought you knew everything about throwing ping pong balls into red Solo cups while downing cheap beer? Think again. The LED Beer Pong Table Kit gives the college-favorite drinking game a serious makeover by tricking out the regular table with customizable lights for each side of the board, infinity mirrors and a music control that plays in synch with the flashing lights.

The product is available for pre-sale right now for $479 and combines two of college students' favorite pastimes: drinking games and raves. Apparently the beer pong table isn't just a flashy toy: the website says it's "built like a tank. We designed our tables with a powder-coated (non-rust) steel frame that will survive the craziest parties."

That's some serious party action, bro. 

Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi