Beer Now Infused With Moon Dust

Forget Blue Moon; Dogfish Head Brewery has released a "Celest-jewel-ale," which reportedly contains "finely crushed particles of actual lunar meteorites." Which is to say, it contains moon dust from space.

According to PSFK, the brewery teamed up with with ILC Dover, which makes NASA's space suits, to obtain the meteorite dust. The dust was then crushed into an ale, which supposedly "enhances the flavor." "These certified moon jewels are made up primarily of minerals and salts, yelping the yeast-induced fermentation process and lending this traditional German style a subtle but complex earthiness. (Or is it mooniness?)," the blog post says.

The Oktoberfest ale also uses German malts and hops, which gives "celest-jewel-ale notes of doughy malt, toasted bread, subtle caramel, and a light herbal bitterness."

The small batch launched last week, and is only available at the brew pub, but if you're that kid who was just dying to go to Space Camp but didn't get to, this might be for you.