Beer Grain Used To Make Granola Bars

Making beer can be a wasteful process; the grain used to make beer is often left over and used as fertilizer or fed to livestock, but according to ReGrained founders, sometimes it's just thrown away.

So naturally, someone decided to make something else with the spent grain: ReGrained, a granola-bar-like product that uses spent grain, honey, and almonds. The first: Honey Almond IPA, made with grain to brew IPAs from Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, and honey and almonds. The second: Chocolate Coffee Stout, using semisweet chocolate, finely ground coffee beans, and dark grain malt that was used to create an Oatmeal Chocolate Stout.

"Spent grain is loaded with fiber, protein, and is uniquely tasty. Our mission is to use it to bake products with a purpose, bringing its offerings full circle back to you, the consumer," the Facebook page says. Twelve-packs of these will cost you some $22 (you can get eight times as many Nature Valley granola bars for the same price), but while these aren't alcoholic, you can still trick people into thinking you had beer for breakfast.