Bartender Receives Lottery Ticket as Tip

Usually, we would say this doesn't count, but it was worth $17,500

A bartender gets tipped in lottery tickets, and wins $17,500.

We all secretly want to be bartenders here at The Daily Meal, or at least open a bar, and this story brings out just some of the perks we naively imagine to come with the job of pouring shots.

The Register-Guard reports that a regular customer left a Springfield, Ore., bartender a Keno lottery ticket as a tip last week. It's apparently a tradition, where he lets her choose whatever lottery ticket she wants before ringing them up. When she checked the numbers of the two tickets, the first rung up as $5. The second: $17,500.

"The look on his face was incredible," bartender Aurora Kephart said. "I automatically handed it back to him; it was his ticket." But the customer refused, made Kephart sign it, and the next day she claimed her prize (giving the customer a percentage of her winnings). The rest of the money is going toward charity, bills, and perhaps a new couch for Kephart. Watch the news report below.