Bakery Refuses to Hire Woman Because of Race and More News

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In today's Media Mix, fast-food drive-thrus getting slower, plus Walmart tries to be 'local'

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A bakery in Queens, N.Y., is in hot water over racial discrimination.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Racist Bakery Fined: A Queens, N.Y., bakery has been fined $25,000 after refusing to a hire a woman because of her race. "I can't hire you because you're black," the co-owner told a 25-year-old woman. [NYDN]

Jack in the Box Late Night: Just as McDonald's is trying to get healthy, another fast-food chain reveals its "Munchies" menu, with items like a "stacked" grilled cheeseburger, the "Exploding Chicken Cheesy Sandwich," loaded nuggets, and the Brunch Burger, toeing the line between late-night and early-morning food. [WPRO]

Drive-Thrus Slowing Down: According to a new study, people are waiting for longer periods of time for their fast food in drive-thrus, thanks to more complex menus. Guys, In-N-Out does it right. [USA Today]

Another Bakery Turns Down Wedding Cake Order for Gay CoupleChick-fil-A Responds to Cashier's Racist MistakeBakery Owner Sues Chef Over Missing Recipes

Walmart's Web Series: Apparently, Walmart is trying to be "local," with a new Web series highlighting American entrepreneurs and hosting a contest for inventors to publicize their projects on the Walmart website. [PSFK]