Actor Chris Pratt Painted A Mural At A Greek Restaurant When He Was A Teenager

Chris Pratt is best known for his roles on television shows like Parks and Recreation and movies like Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy. But we've just found out that he has a hidden talent: painting murals at restaurants.

These photos recently surfaced on Imgur of Chris Pratt in a 2003 issue of Teen People. In the story, Pratt said that he used paint murals, including a "Greek scene on the wall of my friend's restaurant."

The restaurant? Omega Pizza & Pasta in Granite Falls, Washington. Pratt was apparently best friends with the restaurant's owner, according to the author of the Imgur post. He also used to wash dishes there.

The mural depicts two men in togas adorned with laurel headpieces and flanked by Greek pillars. Pratt's signature is even on the bottom right corner of the mural in red paint (or maybe tomato sauce?). And here we thought butter was Andy Dwyer's favorite food.