Appliance Lets You Mix Cocktails In Less Than Five Seconds

There are endless food and drink Kickstarter projects to choose from, but you may want to perk your ears up and raise a glass to Somabar, dubbed the "robotic bartender for your home," that can mix one or more of 300 cocktails in seconds flat. It reminds us of a cross between the technology of a 3D printer and the logistics of a Sodastream.

The creators of Somabar raised more than six times their goal amount on Kickstarter, meaning that this appliance will likely start appearing in stores by the summer. Here's how it works: you download the Somabar app and connect the appliance to your Wifi. Then you fill the "Somapods" (test-tube-like containers) with the necessary ingredients to make your favorite cocktail (including spirits, simple syrup, juices, and bitters). Then, you press the button, and enjoy your drink.

It sounds pretty easy to use, but home robotic bartenders come at a steep price: each Somabar costs $699. But we dream of a future where robot bartending technology is available for everyone to enjoy.