Apple Files Patent for Reservation System

The system reportedly combines reservation and ordering systems into one

Apple files for a patent for a restaurant reservation system.

Just as Google created a bill-splitting applcation, it seems like Apple is getting in on restaurant management technology.

Eater reports that Apple has filed a patent application for a combination restaurant reservation and ordering system. According to Patently Apple, the system is both a reservation system, with a waitlist, as well as an ordering system, which can provide recommendations to diners based on allergies, etc.

Similarly, once more and more people use it, the system wil recognize how long it takes for certain dishes to be consumed, adjusting wait times accordingly. If a table is not available, the application can provide restaurant recommendations nearby, similar to the customer's criteria for wait time, cuisine type, price point, ethnicity, rating, or other factors. We can only hope it's better than Yelp.

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Check out the patent application here. Now if only there was an app that could snap up hard-to-get reservations in two seconds. Oh wait, there are bots for that.