Amazon to Stop Selling Foie Gras in the UK

The online market has decided to cut foie gras from its offerings

The online retailer has decided to stop selling foie gras in the U.K.

Internet retailer Amazon has announced that it will stop selling foie gras on its British website, after animal rights group Viva! campaigned for the website to drop the "cruel" product made from force-feeding ducks and geese, allowing their livers to grow.

Foie gras production has been banned in the U.K., but the delicacy is still legal when imported, the Daily Mail reports. Amazon was one of those importers, until recently when Viva! presented Amazon with 10,000 signatures and video evidence of the animal suffering. More than 100 foie gras products have been dropped.

Viva! and PETA have congratulated Amazon on dropping the foie gras listings. "Amazon should be congratulated for taking an ethical lead... but we hope that ethical stance is expanded worldwide," Viva! said in a statement.

"With this enlightened move, Amazon UK is joining many other retailers who have banished foie gras from their storerooms, including Selfridges, Ocado and Harvey Nichols," PETA said on their website.


But of course, Amazon isn't making big waves of their decision (especially as foie gras has been a favorite of chefs like Gordon Ramsay and other notables in the food world. A representative told the Daily Mail vaguely, "All sellers on Marketplace must adhere to our guidelines in relation to the products that they make available for sale on our website."