Alton Brown on How to Build a Derrick (For Deep Frying)

Alton Brown is here to bring some safety to your deep frying adventures

Alton Brown just has your best interests at heart.

This week on Cook Smart, Alton Brown takes on the most complex project so far: building his own fry derrick, or turkey derrick as he’s called it in the past.

The contraption is a lifting device — built with tools and materials from your local hardware store, plus a tall ladder — that allows you to control the height and depth at which you’d like to deep fry whatever your heart desires.

Alton’s derrick, which he says came to him in a dream, was designed to hold a turkey, but don’t let that limit you.

Alton speeds through the tutorial, complete with an enthusiastic soundtrack, in two minutes and 53 seconds — but of course, you should take your time. Bonus: our host also shows off some of his impressive knot-tying abilities in this video.

Written instructions are available online.

Watch the video below: 


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