Adorable Couple Celebrates 64th Anniversary With Taco Bell Feast

Taco Bell: in the business of gorditas, Crunchwrap Supremes, and everlasting love. An adorably sweet Arizona couple (and a pair of huge Taco Bell fans) got the surprise of their life when their local Taco Bell decided to throw them a 64th anniversary party, complete with 64 inches of cheesy nachos. Charles and Ann Lanter shared a heartwarming (and heartburning) celebration at the Apache Junction Taco Bell with their friends and family this week.

Their daughter, Sherry Lanter, explained to Fox News that she asked the owner to put something together for their anniversary, as Taco Bell is one of their favorite restaurants. Taco Bell franchisee Skip Chase took the request to heart, even gifting the lucky couple a $64 gift card.

Charles and Ann originally met in church more than 64 years ago.

"My wife was a member of a trio that sang all over the eastern United States and she was sitting there tuning her guitar, and I was like 'can I tune that guitar,' and I've been tuning that guitar for 64 years," said Charles Lanter.