A Recipe for Alcoholic Oreos Exists; Thank Us Later

How can you make Oreos even better? Why, by adding Kahlua to the crème, of course
A Recipe for Alcoholic Oreos Exists; Thank Us Later

Nabisco, take the hint: this is how you re-invent an Oreo to everyone’s delight.

Liquor’s favorite cookie? The folks over at Food Beast have come up with an ingenious way of improving Oreos (and no, it doesn’t involved red velvet cake or watermelon flavoring): adding alcohol. It’s so genius, we wonder why we didn’t think of it before.

You can watch the How-To video below, but here’s a breakdown of the instructions.

First, add two packages of Oreo pudding mix and two cups of milk to a bowl and whisk thoroughly.

Then add four shots of your favorite alcohol. (Since no alcohol is specified, the possibilities are endless, and we predict future gross kitchen experiments involving tequila and Oreo cookies).

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Then you whisk the mixture even further, and spend way too much time and energy carefully scraping off regular crème from a box of Oreos. Then you scoop a dollop of your brand-new delicious boozy icing onto the cookies, and voila! The alcoholic Oreo cookies are ready.