7-Eleven Now Delivers Through Postmates, DoorDash And Google

Health officials maintain that America should stay home because of coronavirus, so 7-Eleven has partnered with three delivery services to bring essentials to you. In addition to the 7NOW app, 7-Eleven's convenience store goods like milk, eggs and Slurpees are now available through DoorDash, Postmates and Google.

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With the expansion, delivery service is now offered at more than 90% of participating 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. Customers can order from hundreds of grocery items including bread, pizza, sandwiches, chips, coffee and pastries, plus energy shots, cold medicine and, as mentioned above, Slurpees. You can even request a contact-free drop-off.

Start shopping by downloading the respective apps from the App Store or Google Play or by going to their websites. You can also search "7-Eleven near me" in Google Search, Google Maps or Google Assistant. And if you live in Texas, you can order using Favor. Will the availability of 7-Eleven hot dogs, taquitos and more change the course of what America is ordering for takeout during the coronavirus pandemic?