A $500 Milkshake And More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Women Chefs on TIME: TIME interviews female chefs about their "13 Gods of Food" feature. Results are as expected. [TIME]

150 More Umami Burgers: Restaurateur Adam Fleischman says his plan is to open 150 locations worldwide. [LA Times]

Nick Kokonas on Michelin: Grant Achatz's right-hand man feels snubbed by the Michelin awards, not because of Next, but because neither The Aviary nor The Office was acknowledged. [Twitter]

$500 Milkshake: A Los Angeles restaurant is serving a $500 milkshake, made with edible gold and Belgian chocolate. You also get a Swarovski Crystal ring, which just makes it a $500 Swarovski Crystal ring with a milkshake on the side. [Jezebel]

Brooklyn Brewery in Sweden: New York's favorite brewery opens its doors abroad. [NY Times]