20 Badass Female Chefs TIME Overlooked

These chefs don't have enough 'reputation or influence' for TIME? You tell them, if you dare

These chefs are badasses, regardless of their gender.

This week, TIME magazine managed to come up with a list of 13 "Gods of Food," including seven prominent chefs and six other food folk. A lineage tree also charted 60 chefs who were influenced by four of the big shots. Somehow, there was not a single female chef to be found in the entire feature, except for two pastry chefs mentioned in a sidebar. 

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"There was no attempt to exclude women, we just went with the basic realities of what was going on and who was being talked about," TIME editor Howard Chua-Eoan told Eater, explaining the lack of women in his article

David Chang, Thomas Keller, Albert Adrià, and René Redzepi are "all being talked about." Dominique Crenn, April Bloomfield, and Christina Tosi? Apparently not being talked about.

Well, it must depend on who you listen to. Around here, we talk about female chefs all the time — or, rather, about amazing, notable, and yes, influential chefs who happen to be female. And these aren't just good chefs, they're badass chefs, chefs with attitude — which is apparently what women need if they're going to get noticed for their culinary skills. Badass how? Let's just say that if we were Howard Chua-Eoan, we might be careful where we ate from now on.


Additional reporting by Molly Aronica, Dan Myers, Samantha Neudorf, and Arthur Bovino.