Newest Obsession: Tiny Furniture Made From Waffles

An art project turns batter into bite-sized waffle furniture — we want some

The waffle iron that makes tiny furniture.

Please, Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira, we're begging you: start retailing your "Sapore Dei Mobili" project. Because now that we've seen what tiny furniture made from waffles looks like, we can't stop picturing all the fun kids' parties and brunches we could use the innovative waffle-maker for.

The two artists, who redesigned the waffle iron to make tiny tables and chairs, say the project is a reflection of the contemporary furniture industry; mainly, that there's too many new pieces "to digest." (Get it?) Technically, the furniture's not made from traditional waffle batter  (it's a mixture of Japanese small cakes and Portugese pastries), but we'll take it.

While these pieces are simply just part of an art project, we'll make do by fashioning our own play things out of food — and leave the syrup on the table. Check out the "Sapore Dei Mobili" project for yourself and get inspired.