New Zealand Pizza Hut Puts Marmite in Their Crust

The New Zealand branch of Pizza Hut has just announced that they will be offering Marmite and Mozzarella-Stuffed Crust Pizza
Pizza Hut New Zealand

Pizza Hut New Zealand just posted this picture of their new pizza. Would you try it?

Pizza Hut New Zealand just announced that they will be offering a pizza for their stores Down Under: a “Chee-zee” Marmite and mozzarella-stuffed crust pie. For you Yanks, Marmite is a sticky-brown, salty spread similar to Vegemite that’s extremely popular in Australia, and is most often spread on breakfast toast (kind of like Nutella but without the chocolate or the hazelnuts). It’s a yeast bi-product that is derived from the sticky residue leftover from beer-brewing.

Most likely, such a product wouldn’t take off in America, but apparently New Zealanders are already pretty excited about the new pizza. A photo of the new creation on the company’s Facebook page garnered almost 700 likes with comments like “love it” and “what a great idea!” If you’re in New Zealand, try it out and order one online for only $8. 

For the curious, we've put together a quick guide on What is Marmite and What is Vegemite.

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