New Yorkers Are the Best Tippers, Study Says

We assume it's because the rent is so insanely expensive
New Yorkers Are the Best Tippers, Study Says

New Yorkers Are the Best Tippers, Study Says

We all knew bourbon drinkers were the best tippers, but what cities are the best for servers?

Well, a new survey conducted by coupon website CouponCodes4u reportedly polled 2,317 Americans across the country, and found that New Yorkers leave the best tips, a press release notes.

This probably has plenty to do with the high living cost of New York City, and notorious underpaying of servers, which leaves New Yorkers to tip an average of 23.6 percent (remember, this is the city that was thinking of making 30 percent tips the norm). New Jersey came in second, with 22.1 percent tips, and California at 20.4 percent.

The lowest tippers? Arkansas, where residents tip 10 percent on average, and West Virginia, where they tip 10.5 percent.

Of course, when polling residents across the board, 67 percent of surveyed adults said they always tipped, while 24 percent said it "depended on the service." But generally, 39 percent of Americans normally tip 20 percent while eating out; 35 percent tipped 15 percent, and 9 percent leave 10 percent tips. Not bad, even as 12 percent feel "pressured" to tip more than the standard 20 percent, the survey says.


So there you have it. The best tippers? Bourbon drinkers from New York City. We're in a good market.