New York Magazine's Restaurant Critic Abandons Anonymity

Adam Platt's face is on the next issue's cover
Twitter/New York Magazine

Adam Platt, New York magazine's longtime food critic, dispensed with his anonymity by appearing on the magazine's cover.

New York magazine's next cover model will not look familiar to most of the magazine's readers, but his name will be, because Adam Platt, the magazine's longtime restaurant critic, has decided to dispense with his anonymity once and for all.

A preview of the magazine's next issue, New York's annual "Where to Eat" guide, appeared on Twitter earlier this morning with Platt's dour, unimpressed-looking face pictured above the words, "Hi, I'm Adam Platt. Your Restaurant Critic."

In his op-ed piece, Platt divulges that while the use of anonymity served a purpose, he feels it is time to end the charade.

An excerpt of the article explains:

“These days, of course, much of this old magic is gone. The mannered world of Eurocentric restaurateurs that Gael and Craig grew up in has been replaced by a riotous democracy of chattering TV judges, glorified restaurant bars, and tattooed comfort-food cooks. In the old days, critics would wait months to anoint the latest hot restaurant, and now the food blogs will have that news for you in 24 seconds.’

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With the rules of the games changing, how do you think restaurant performances and critiques will now change?