New York Hotel Invites Guests to “Milk the Mini-Bar”!

Loews Regency Hotel

For just $30 extra per night guest can get free access to all the goodies in their room's mini-bar fridge.

Face it, most people try to avoid touching any items in their hotel mini-bar fridge, no matter how desperate their midnight snack cravings, for fear of running up an astronomical hotel bill. Now one New York hotel is actually giving guests the option to do just that.[related]

The newly renovated Loews Regency Hotel in Midtown Manhattan is letting guests “milk the mini-bar” for just $30 extra per night. That means you’ll have free reign to eat or drink anything from the mini-bar from the salty snacks to the expensive mini-liquor bottles without worrying about astronomical charges to your hotel bill at checkout.

“We want guests to be able to enjoy everything they need from the comfort of their room, which is why we’re giving guests back the mini-bar,” says Jim McPartlin, the managing director of the hotel in a statement. “We understand the importance of an easy, hassle-free travel experience, where all the little details are taken care of.”

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The “milk the mini-bar” promotion is geared towards parents traveling with their children in tow, business travelers, and solo travelers looking for a quick snack and preferring to relax in their room rather than heading out for a meal. The mini bar includes a selection of water, salted snacks, sports drinks, beers, wines, vodkas, whiskeys, and chocolaty treats.