New Yorkers Plan City’s First Dog Cafe

Some New Yorkers are raising funds for a dog cafe

New York could be one successful fundraising campaign away from its first dog cafe.

New York can finally boast its own cat cafe since Meow Parlour opened in December, and now it might be getting its own dog cafe as well.

According to Gothamist, two enterprising New Yorkers have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to start New York’s first dog cafe, where petless New Yorkers can sit and have a beverage and play with some puppies for a while. If they get off the ground, the relative stress levels of New York residents should plummet.

Fundraisers Maggie Chan and Mandy Chow are trying to raise $70,000 to start a dog cafe that would include a large, glass-walled play area for dogs, so the dogs could play and the restaurant could serve food and drinks without getting in trouble for having dogs running around. Customers could go inside and play with the dogs, too.

Chan and Chow say the plan is for all the dogs to be adoptable. Their goal is for the dog cafe to partner with local shelters so the dogs would come in every day to play at the dog cafe, where customers can watch and possibly participate. The dogs would not live at the cafe full-time.


So far the indiegogo campaign only has $786, but there is a whole month to go. The Meow Palace cat cafe reportedly raised $65,000 towards its opening.