New York Comic Con’s Food Selection Needs a Power-Up

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Pinkberry’s nice, but where’s the ramen?
Joe Osborne

There are too few food options at New York Comic Con

Amid the sea of cosplayers, comic books, and cacophonous video game booths, there is plenty food to be found at New York Comic Con (NYCC). In various corners of the Javits Center, vendors have set up shop to peddle the usual convention fare: popcorn, soda, roast nuts, cheesesteaks, and the like. But folks paying a small fortune to attend one of the East’s Coast premier subculture events of the year deserve a bit more, right?

In NYCC’s defense, we do get their logic a little bit. After all, in their online "survival guide" they encourage you to bring snacks and water, explicitly noting that the food options are limited because of New York’s high prices.

But the convention isn’t totally barren. It has not one, but two Pinkberry stalls on lockdown — not to mention a heavily themed Korean hot dog joint. But, fervent fans of all things geek come from all over the nation if not the world to enjoy. So, they deserve munchies that hit a little closer to home, no? (Without beating them over the head with it, of course.) As New York City is a mecca of fun themed food, we have a few ideas of dishes we wish we could see there:

Turkey Legs
Because if the Renaissance Faire can have them, so can NYCC.

Geeky Beer
With geek culture becoming mainstream, there are tons of options for beer nerds and nerds who love beer. We particularly think that the bold Take the Black Stout by Ommegang and Nerd Beer should be offered for thirsty geeks.

Bubble Tea
The otaku’s (Japanese for anime lover) choice beverage would be a great way for Con attendees to fuel up between booths.

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A Ramen Bar
Because Blade Runner, that’s why. Look it up