New York City's Balducci's Offers Free Coffee for Valentine's Day

Free drip coffee (available in chocolate-covered strawberry blend!)

Get a free drip coffee from Balducci's (happy Valentine's Day!).

Nothing gets us New Yorkers more excited than subway flowers and a pink-lit Empire State Building, but we may have just the thing to top all that Valentine's Day nonsense: today at Balducci's Gourmet on the Go Café, you can get a free drip coffee... because you're going to need all that caffeine for later, right? 

At Balducci's Gourmet on the Go Café (located in the Hearst Building), you can get ttheir New York and Chocolate-Covered Strawberry blends. Balducci's describes the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry blend as a strawberry, milk chocolate, and Arabica coffee bean blend that's a "decadent treat." It's a limited-edition coffee, but we know a bag of it will get you through a very cold winter. 

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