New York City’s Parm Is Now Catering

The casual Italian restaurant is offering several special offers


Parm in New York City will now be offering catering items for your convenience.

The restaurant will cater office parties, personal events, or whatever else, but a delivery fee may apply. 

For 10 to 20 people, the Parm package includes two sandwich trays, a vegetable tray, a salad tray, a mozzarella tray, and the choice of 20 sodas or a whole coffee cake for $400 total. 

For 25 to 30 people, the Mulberry Street Special adds more trays, and also ups the price: $600 total.

The Lifestyle package is the largest, for 40 to 50 people for $900. It comes with one tray of each sandwich, along with several trays of all the others. 

Items are also available à la carte for 10 people or less. 

Check out the new Parm catering menu here.