New York City’s Hands-On Hot Spots

Get your hands on Gotham with interactive dining and drinks

You can make your own frozen yogurt at 16 Handles with 40 revolving toppings.

Deciding from more than 23,000 options can be daunting even for a local, but some of the Big Apple’s digs are so distinct that they shouldn't be missed. The latest trend in the city? Well, let's just say self-service is the new black.

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While every local has their favorite pizzeria, sushi stop, or frozen yogurt takeout joint, hands-on dining and drinking spots where customers participate in the experience are worth a visit. In a single day-trip visitors can cook their own hibachi, top their frozen yogurt, concoct an original cocktail, and sing with Broadway stars over drinks.

Start with Japanese barbecue at Gyu-Kaku where you are the chef, followed by drinks at Ward III, where you can name your own cocktail to be created. For dessert there is 16 Handles for self-serve yogurt, and Murdered by the Mob's riffs on the traditional dinner theater shouldn’t be missed.

In the mood for a cooking class? Then Miette Culinary Studio is the place for themed menus or AOA Bar and Grill for learning how to make pizza.


So next time you’re headed to the big city, get your hands dirty at one of these interactive dining destinations.