New York Bar Offering Free Tapas To The Ladies

Taking "Ladies' night" to the next level, a restaurant and bar in New York City is offering free tapas... to women only.

Hotelier Robert "Toshi" Chan is launching the new offering today at the Flatiron Hotel's Toshi's Living Room & Penthouse, the hotel's bar and restaurant. The menu's Russian salad with tuna and Spanish mini tortillas are only available to females on the mezzanine, a press release informs us.

"If a guy is caught eating the tapas, my Toshi referees, also known as Toshi-ettes, will issue a penalty!" Toshi said in the press release. "The penalty will be buying a shot."

Unfortunately, a representative tells us that the tapas are not on the menu for purchase, meaning there might be a bunch of completely wasted men hitting on completely sober women. The place does offer a full lunch and dinner menu, however, so food is available if men are willing to splurge. Women, on the other hand, just get free food.

"Hard-working women deserve more than free peanuts or chips at the bar, and men can enjoy the company of women," Toshi said. "Both will enjoy the magnificent venue and live music." So yes, it is a win/win. The ladies probably win just a bit more.