New York Apple Growers and Cornell University Rename Apple Breeds

The apples known as NY1 and NY2 are getting a name change

The NY1 apples are getting a name change on August 1.

New York Apple Growers, LLC and Cornell University will unveil the names of the apple variations, that have up until now only been known as NY1 and NY2, on Thursday, August 1, according to a release.

The apples were developed by Susan Brown, apple breeder and horticulture professor at Cornell University’s who also developed Autumncrisp and Fortune apple varieties. The names for the apples have been developed after extensive consumer research by the New York Apple Growers involving taste tests and surveys.

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The unveiling will take place at 12:15 p.m. at Cornell’s annual Fruit Field Days at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station’s Fruit and Vegetable Research Farm South, located at 1097 Country Road No. 4 in Geneva, New York. The rest of the Fruit Field Day will involve tours of tree fruits as well as grapes, hops, and other fruits.