New X-Factor Judge Britney Spears Maintains an 'Extreme Diet'

Britney Spears rumored to be cutting carbs and eating healthier

You won’t be able to find Britney Spears snacking on her favorite unhealthy backstage foods anymore. Instead of nibbling on her favorites, - Cap’N Crunch, tacos, Pop Tarts, pizza, and other greasy foods - the pop singer will purposefully avoid junk food.

A source told UK’s The Sun about Spears’s new diet and exercise regime. “She has been cutting out carbs and replacing meals with juice drinks.”

However, this new diet doesn’t call for too many alterations in the new X-Factor judge’s lifestyle. According to OK Magazine, the singer eliminated alcohol, sugar and white flour from her diet last year in order to drop 20 pounds before her Femme Fatale tour.

As Spears cuts sugar, flour, alcohol, and carbs out of her diet, one can only ask: what’s left to eat?