New Wine Gallery Showcases South Africa’s Wine Heritage


Wine bottles in Ellerman House's new wine gallery are stored in state-of-the-art wine racks.

Cape Town's excusive hotel Ellerman House has announced the opening of its highly anticipated wine gallery, as well as a and second luxury villa to be known as Villa Two. Located in the suburb of Bantry Bay, just outside South Africa’s capital of Cape Town, the beautiful villa offers magnificent beachside views and luxury accommodation and dining. The new wine gallery is not only a showcase for Ellerman House’s extensive, collection of award-winning South African wines, but it's "more like a work of art than merely a cellar," offering guests a unique, interactive journey into the world of wine, according to the recent press release.

The carefully designed wine gallery features natural, earthy materials to reflect the hand-crafted nature of South Africa’s finest wines and the organic shape of grapevines. The gallery provides stylish storage in state-of-the-art wine racks and temperature-controlled cellars for the hotel’s 7,500 bottle collection of vintage and rare wines, as well as the special champagne cellar, stocked exclusively with rare and special vintages of Dom Pérignon.

Besides being an inspiring and experiential space where guests can taste wine, the gallery also includes an interactive multimedia wine library, maturation cellars for white and red wines, and a brandy tasting lounge. To even further deepen the wine-experience, Ellerman House has developed a "wine app" that provides detailed information about South African wines, such as tasting notes and videos.

"The wine gallery is a work of art, rather than just a functional space," owner Paul Harris said.

The wine gallery and the new Villa Two, located above it, were designed by up-and-coming architect Michael Dennett. Like Villa One, the new villa is designed with absolute privacy in mind, and comes with its own private staff and chef.


Ellerman House boasts one of the largest collections of South African art with acclaimed work from the turn of the last century, as well as a growing collection of contemporary art. In the hotel’s gardens, all the plants are sourced directly from Cape Town’s Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The new wine gallery is aimed to further showcase the diversity of South African architecture, art, design, food, and wine, giving guests an insight in South Africa’s 350-year old heritage of winemaking.