Delicious Butternut Squash Recipes

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How to cook up the versatile gourd
Butternut Squash Pizza
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Butternut Squash Pizza

I haven’t been able to stop thinking of this roasted butternut squash and kale pizza (right) from Bev Cooks since I first saw it. If you asked me what my favorite food in the world is I might have to say pizza… so when I see a unique and creative pizza like this one, I just have to try it. It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Butternut squash is apparently an incredibly versatile food and ingredient to so many recipes. I’ve browsed the blogs and have found an amazing collection of different recipes using butternut squash, from soups to pizza, and cake to salad. If you weren’t hungry before you started reading this, you certainly will be after you see all this delicious food featuring today’s star ingredient: butternut squash. — aggieskitchen


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