New TV Show Goes Behind The Scenes Of A Chef's Life

Have you ever wondered how executive chefs create the perfect balance on a menu, or how small details like fresh herbs and restaurant temperatures can make or break a restaurant? Chef Adrianne Calvo takes us behind the curtain at her wine bar, and shows viewers what a food lifestyle is really all about in her new Foodable TV show.

Check out the first two episodes of Calvo's show online at Foodable TV.

"Food as a Lifestyle is an in depth, real life, view of what it takes to be a great chef, own a restaurant, do a network television cooking segment, write a cookbook, do appearances and events, and still make time for family and friends," chef Adrianne Calvo told The Daily Meal.

And if that sounds exhausting, it's because playing the role of chef is only a small fraction of the tasks a restaurant owner and executive chef has to play. The entire series, said Calvo, is about paying attention to the details. Watch out for their Thanksgiving episode, which shows that even executive chefs have trouble during holidays, when she couldn't get the turkey fryers to work.

"People always ask me, 'how do you do it?' This is it. Now viewers will have a chance to see the real deal," said Calvo.