New Rome Food & Wine Guide Launches

These experts want to help tourists and locals discover authentic Roman dining experiences

Co-founder Hande Leimer describes a wine.

Earlier this month, five female Roman food and wine professionals launched The Rome Digest. Published in English, the website spotlights the city’s "wine bars, markets, and restaurants that reflect the founders’ beliefs in local, sustainable, and seasonal agricultural initiatives." In addition to these listings, the site features local food- and wine-related news, as well as Friday roundups of Rome happenings, "Top Five" lists, and an events calendar.

With seven wine diplomas and six master’s degrees between them, the authors "have authored over 40 books and have published hundreds of articles on food and beverage culture." They hope to share their expertise with locals and tourists alike who are looking from anything from a casual café to a more sophisticated restaurant experience. "Each woman who is part of The Rome Digest is qualified to talk about food and wine," says author Hande Leimer. "We are here to help visitors to Rome find the real Roman food experiences. We want to educate tourists and maybe even help them become a little more critical."

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According to another one of the site’s founders, Katie Parla, the authors behind The Rome Digest "don’t believe that eating and drinking in Rome is just about pleasure. It is also about supporting local businesses and engaging with the culture. The Rome Digest brings together the best of what Rome has to offer so visitors and locals can consume the best possible experience as active participants and not just as passive observers."