New Record For World's Largest Nachos: 4,689 Pounds

This plate of nachos puts the 1,050-bacon-strips burger to shame: setting a new world record, residents of Lawrence, Kan., made the world's largest plate of nachos, which clocked in at more than 4,500 pounds.

That's right — that's 1,700 pounds of cheese and meat, 600 pounds of chips, and thousands of pounds of toppings. Um, yum? The enormous meal, officially certified by Guiness World Records, was served on an 80-foot platter.

How does a 4,689-pound plate of nachos come to be? Kansas Athletics paired up with local caterers and restaurants tpo work on the project for two weeks. It took nearly 80 people to put the plate (an understatement) together, which raises money for LINK Kitchen, a food charity that has been hit by tough financial times. Hungry nacho lovers paid $1 or brought a can of food to get a sampling, which went to help LINK.

The previous record-holder was a 3,999-pound nacho platter in October 2011, made in Massachusetts.