New Microbrewery On Tap For Downtown Charleston

Good news for beer lovers in Charleston: a new microbrewery, founded by a local businesswoman, is on tap to open within the year.

Reports the Charleston Daily Mail, the microbrewery and brewpub was approved to open downtown. Ann Saville, who owns the Taylor Bookstore downtown, is looking to expand her homebrewing experience and turn it into a storefront. "It's a great way to turn water into something a bit more palatable," Saville said of the brewing process. 

What can beer lovers expect at the new bar? An English-style pub, with wooden trim and wainscotting, outdoor seating, and a bakery. And on tap? Five ales: a golden ale, a pale ale, and an IPA are definites, with either an amber or brown ale or a stout or porter, said Saville.

Updated: An earlier version of the story mistakenly said the new brewery was in Charleston, S.C.; the new brewery will be located in West Virginia.