New Jersey's First Distillery Since Prohibition Opens

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First up from Jersey Artisan Distilling: a silver rum
Courtesy of Jersey Artisan Distilling

The Busted Barrel Silver Rum

Not all New Jersey residents drink like they do on the Jersey Shore, obviously. But did you know that the great state of New Jersey has been without its own distillery since the age of Prohibition? Fortunately, some good imbibing New Jersey residents have opened the first licensed distillery in the state with its first premium spirit, silver rum. 

The Busted Barrel Silver Rum, distilled in small-batch copper stills and carbon-filtered, is made with "all-natural, domestically grown ingredients including the finest molasses from Louisiana" for a "made for mixing" smooth taste, according to a press release from Jersey Artisan Distilling. "With the introduction of our line of Busted Barrel Silver Rum, it is our goal to bring back that simple and casual enjoyment of liquor consumption to all consumers as well as to the state of New Jersey," said Krista Haley, co-founder and COO of Jersey Artisan Distilling in the release. "We have had so much support from the local community who are excited to see New Jersey natives bring the craft distilling industry to the Garden State." 

For now it's just the silver rum, but according to the official website, the distillery plans to launch vodka and gin products next, and then head into the bourbon and whiskey market. 

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The distillery is located in Fairfield, N.J., but New Jersey residents can get their first taste of the Busted Barrel Silver Rum at Morris Tap & Grill in Randolph, N.J.,, on Aug. 15 at 6 p.m.