New Food Safety Show and Tell Video

A visual presentation of food safety
Wikimedia Commons

Eastern Food Safety prides itself on providing clear instructions of food safety guidelines. The company has produced The Pocket Guide to Food Safety, Don’t Pick off the Croutons (an allergy guide for foodservice), and many other safety manuals, and now they are sharing their resources through video.

Eastern Food Safety has created "Food Safety Show and Tell," which is a language-free, visual presentation of food safety procedures for beginner to advanced food workers. The videos are short cooking demonstrations led by Cindy Rice ,a certified food safety instructor, and Richard Andrea, a veteran chef. Together, the team will cover topics such as personal hygiene, cross-contamination, food storage and labeling, time and temperature controls, and cleaning and sanitizing procedures. The videos are highly-accessible since the program includes online access from any mobile device at a set price for three months of usage.

Their goal is to eliminate the language barrier found in many food service industries and to provide quality food safety education to all food workers.