New Drink Website, “Drink Long Island,” Launched

Will Clare Rose’s new website be able to stand apart from other sites?

Following in the steps of site like The Daily Meal and Eater, the marketing team at Clare Rose launched a new drinking website this summer that's very hyper-local: Drink Long Island.

Applications and a “large social media presence” that tell users where to drink, what to drink, and drinking events that are going on in the area, Drink Long Island allows those using the site, to see “everything in one place.” Live in Long Island, and need something to do this weekend? Maybe you’re taking a vacation and need some ideas of how to spend your time? Drink Long Island could be the perfect tool for you.


Drink Long Island isn't the only website to focus on L.I. alone; there's also restaurant directories like Dining Long Island and Eat Out Long Island. And of course, it's not like the five boroughs of New York City don't have their own food and drink websites, too.