New Cooking Channel Show in Louisiana

The Cooking Channel’s new series will follow four first year students at the Louisiana Culinary Institute

“The Freshman Class,” which is set to premiere on June 10th, 2013, will follow the struggles and triumphs of four first year culinary students as they strive to pursue their dreams.

On June 10th at 9:30 PM, The Cooking Channel will debut “The Freshman Class,” a program that follows four students as they embark on their freshmen year at Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge.

After scouting around the country to find the perfect culinary school, The Cooking Channel finally decided on LCI.

“We found something really special about the students in the schools in Louisiana”, Michael Smith, general manager and senior vice president of the network told

Rather than focusing on the food, “The Freshman Class” places an emphasis on the emotional journey the individuals go through.

“The series chronicles the unique challenges each student faces with their varying backgrounds as they pursue their dream of becoming a professional chef,” the network stated in a news release.

The show follows four individuals: A Marine Corps veteran, a middle-aged wife and mother, a young, New Orleans stripper and single mother, as well as a welder and father.


Each character has dreams of success within the culinary industry, and through documenting the struggles and triumphs they encounter along the way, The Cooking Channel hopes to provide a glimpse at the significant impact attending cooking school can have on one’s life.