New Certification Approved for Grass-Fed Meat in Canada

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A 100% grass-fed label has been approved for the first time

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

This is the first time this certification will exist in Canada.

Food safety officials have allowed for a 100% grass-fed meat certification label in Canada, Global Meat News is reporting.

The label was developed by the Animal Welfare Approved organization in the United States, and implies that animals are fed on a grass and forage diet in an open outdoor atmosphere.

It is the first time this certification has been approved in Canada, and was put through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for certification. Prior to the label, the term grass-fed was used very loosely and without regulation.

According to Animal Welfare Approved, the labe will “set a new standard for grass-fed labels in Canada,” and that despite other grass-fed labels, “none match the integrity and transparency offered by the Animal Welfare Approved Grassfed standards and certification procedures.”

The label will allow businesses that adhere strictly to these guidelines to differentiate between themselves and other businesses that are not following 100% grass-fed practices.

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The AWA certification program requires that these industries are audited annually to make sure they are still closely following the guidelines.