New Brew Unveiled At Boston Hotel

Today, Sept. 16, the Seaport Boston Hotel together with Long Trail Brewing Company greeted a small group of eager beer lovers at the hotel's TAMO Bar, as Jim Carmody, the hotel's vice president and general manager, and Dan Fulham, president of Long Trail Brewing Co., tapped the first keg of the brewery's new Honey Ginger IPA.

So what's so special about the collaboration? As an eco-friendly hotel, the Seaport Boston Hotel is home to more than 1 million bees, and features 11 rooftop hives. The most recent harvest collected 350 pounds of honey, and 300 of those pounds were delivered directly to Long Trail Brewing's doorstep in Vermont.

"The idea to collaborate on a beer made perfect sense," said Carmody. "Our bees produce the necessary honey and Long Trail has the expertise and skill to create a beer we know is worthy of the taste buds of our most discerning patron." He couldn't have been more right. The beer is a honey golden color, and immediately gives off a beautiful aroma of ginger spice and American hops. Novice IPA drinkers will be happy to know it's not nearly as bitter as what one expects from an IPA. Honey sugars are completely fermentable and give the beer a nice dry finish.

Long Trail brewmaster Dave Hartmann said, "This project was great fun. We wanted to use Seaport Honey in beer that would be fantastic on its own, but also work well with TAMO's menu." The combination of honey and ginger will go undeniably well with any fall menu; however, we couldn't help but notice how smoothly the beer went down by itself...