New App Focuses On Rome's Best Eats

Rome for Foodies, a new app from food historian and journalist Katie Parla, is designed to help tourists and locals alike find Rome's best bites. With 135 options that range from pizzerias to beer pubs, you can use the GPS on your phone to find your next and nearest culinary adventure. For those who are indecisive, the app includes suggested itineraries and top picks. It also has an advanced search feature that filters locations by budget, neighborhood, or categories. Perhaps the best feature of Rome for Foodies is the

A few of the enticing venues Parla suggests in Rome for Foodies include Domus Birrae, a local craft beer shop specializing in Italian brews, though they sell more than just beer. Another food destination suggested from the app is Da Danilo, which serves a delicious carbonara that will leave you wishing you had the stomach capacity for more. If you'd rather get your hands dirty (in a good way), she suggests paying a visit to Gabriele Bonci, one of Rome's famous bakers, where you can sign up for Bonci's bread and pizza classes. Rome for Foodies is available on the Android market ($2.79) and the iTunes store ($3.99).

Parla says her future plans for the app include adding more mouthwatering imagery, as well as dining customs, tipping practices, and other practical information. She hopes to expand to other European cities in 2012, so stay tuned.

(All photos courtesy of Katie Parla)