Nestlé Takes Steps To Become Leader In Wellness

The infamous candy conglomerate synonymous with Halloween is reportedly working to rebrand their company as a "health and wellness" empire.

Nestlé opened a new clinical development unit in Switzerland on Wednesday to conduct nutrition trials on the impact of their products on consumers as stated in a press release. The trials are conducted to support health claims made about the nutrition of products.

The new clinical development unit opens as the food industry comes under pressure to support health claims made of their products with scientific research.

As it reads on Nestlé's website, "Nutrition, Health and Wellness is Nestlé's strategic direction. We want you to be able to make healthy choices about your food and beverages."

Nestlé has expanded their brand to include organic and natural baby food products, weight management options like Jenny Craig, and sports nutrition brands like PowerBar. The new unit will test the health claims made of these products in addition to the "taste and pleasure" of their food.