Japan Debuted Kit Kat Sushi, and It Looks Amazing

Japan’s new Kit Kat sushi does not involve any fish

Japan's new Kit Kat sushi started out as an April Fools' Day joke, but now it really exists for a limited time in Tokyo. 

Japan has gourmet Kit Kats, tea-flavored Kit Kats, and even 24-karat gold Kit Kats. Now, Japan has Kit Kat sushi, and it looks pretty cool.

The Kit Kat sushi was created to commemorate the historic opening of the first street-facing Kit Kat candy shop in Japan. There are many Kit Kat specialty shops in Japan already, but they're all in department stores or shopping centers. This new one will have its own storefront, right on the street in Tokyo’s posh Ginza neighborhood, according to Kotaku.

The new store wanted to create a special, limited-edition variety for its opening. Last year, Kit Kat sushi was teased as an April Fools’ prank, but now it exists for real.

Each Kit Kat set includes three pieces of “sushi,” designed to look like tuna, egg, and sea urchin rolls — but there’s no actual fish involved. The “tuna” sushi is really a raspberry Kit Kat on top of puffed rice with white chocolate. The “sea urchin” sushi is melon and mascarpone Kit Kats wrapped in seaweed. The “egg” sushi is really a pumpkin pudding Kit Kat on top of puffed rice with white chocolate and wrapped with a little belt of seaweed.


The set of three costs $26, and will be available at the Ginza Kit Kat shop from Feb. 2 to 4.