NBA's Kyle Lowry Starts Juice Company

Do NBA All-Stars and juice go together? Sure seems that way: word is Torontos Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry has teamed up with Wholesome Ice Cream's Rick Clancy to make FamJuice, a juice company serving the greater Philadelphia area. 

According to a press release, Lowry's new venture (with the tagline "refresh your flavors" — we don't understand) began with Clancy, founder of Wholesale Ice Cream, a Philadelphia distributor of ice cream and beverage brands, and Lowry's longtime mentor. The objective of the company is to bring high-quality, natural juices to the inner city population of Philadelphia." Within weeks, retailers were reporting that they couldn't keep up with the demand, says the release. 

MSNBC reports the juice company has eight new juice flavors, including lemonade, peach, strawberry lemonade, iced tea with lemonade (and apparently, more lemonades). No word just yet on how they taste, but seeing one picture of a line to get a FamJuice from Lowry, we think the star power of a NBA player might go far.