Navitas Cacao Sweet Nibs

Navitas Cacao Sweet Nibs

You aren’t buying a chocolate bar experience with a bag of Navitas Cacao Sweet Nibs. Instead you get the cacao bean's raw essence in unrefined crumbled bits that are gently rolled in raw cacao liquor and then lightly sweetened with organic cane juice. For diehard chocoholics, they are the perfect answer to getting your unadulterated fix of this Mayan superfood…kind of like coffee appreciators chewing on perfectly roasted yet slightly sweetened beans. For those of us preferring them as an accent to other foods, they are perfect for sprinkling on top of ice cream, fresh fruit, or surprising array of baking recipes….anything that benefits from a dark chocolate crunch. I mixed these cacao sweet nibs into fresh plain yogurt which nicely balanced its otherwise sharp curdiness.


Sourced in partnership with Peruvian organic farming partners, these beans are hand-selected, washed with purified water, partially fermented to remove bitterness, and then undergo low temperature processing. Cacao, loaded with free-radical fighting antioxidants, also contains an array of vital minerals, especially magnesium and iron, along with vitamins and fiber. Best of all, raw chocolate's unique alkaloids: anandamine, theobromine and phenylethylamine trigger the same neural activity as sex.


Navitas' processing methods are fully organic and sustainable...from promotional materials printed on recycled or tree-free paper to minimizing flavor killing methods like freeze-drying. Check them out for their other super food ingredients that have been around since the dawn of civilization.


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