Navigating Your Heathrow Meal

We explore the dining options at Terminal 3 in Heathrow Airport
Eating in Heathrow Terminal 3

We explore some of the dining options in one of the busiest terminals in the world

Ali Rosen


London’s Heathrow airport is Europe’s busiest, and Terminal 3 is where the world comes to London, as it's the long-haul hub. Terminal 3 sees 19.8 million passengers on 104,100 flights a year, according to Heathrow's own numbers. And almost all of those people need sustenance, ranging from a full sit-down meal to snacks for the flight to gifts for family. So today we’re breaking down where best to begin.

For a quick sandwich on the go or as an extra for the plane, you can grab something at standard places like Pret a Manger or Eat.

If you’re looking to sit down, there are a few decent options for having a bit of quiet time before your flight. Two restaurants, Bridge and Rhubarb, serve British food to those looking to have a last London experience. If you’ve been waiting to sample fish and chips, now is the chance. For those wanting a bit of excitement with their airport fare, you can check out Yo, Sushi, a restaurant with a conveyor belt sending along various Japanese and sushi items.

On the higher end of the spectrum, you can treat yourself at Oyster Bar, a restaurant that serves various seafood, including particularly decadent caviars. You can also purchase some of their wares, including British items such as Scottish smoked salmon.

And for those just looking for snacks and gifts, a quick stop in Harrods can bring you cookies and other treats for the plane, or items to bring home such as Harrods brand teas. There is also a large duty-free shop with the typical items, but also a few gems such a giant Cadbury bars.


With all the choices in Terminal 3, just don’t get too excited and miss your flight!